Project: Review and revamp the current onboarding process. High overview of the steps needed to make the changes throughout several phases. This project was created in order to differentiate the phases of the changes needed.

Time: 30 min to create the document. However, This process involved several hours of reviewing and collecting data on the current information, as well as several conversations with the team to set a clear path forward.

Purpose: Revamp the New Hire Onboarding process to ensure seamless integration into the company

Project: Make an infographic with any content relevant to the workplace.

Time: 2 hours

Tools Used: Canva

Client: Crafty Creations by Nikki

The client has an event coming up and needed a printable graphic created in a few day's time to ensure she could pass out the flyers to her current customers. I created a draft, sent it off to the client, made revisions, and had a final draft completed before her due date.

Task: Event Flyer (4.2" x 5 ")

Time: 5 hours

Tools Used: Canva