Lending Club Blog Post

Format: Blog Post

Idea: Take one concept of learning (a blog) and convert the content into multiple delivery methods for the learner to engage in.

Same Content - 9 Different Ways!

Lending Club Presentation.pdf

Format: Slide Deck

Functions: ILT, ViLT, Presentation, Real-time Learning, Meetings, Information Sharing


  • learner can review the content after the presentation

  • if shared, learner has some autonomy over engagement

  • helps visually see what's being presented

  • everyone's getting the same information

  • can be interactive or personalized


  • typically offered during forced times - not optimal for learners

  • good for introductory information, not best for processes, procedures, or changes to systems or existing knowledge

  • knowledge dump

  • little to no interaction for the learner (passive learning) - if just shared

Format: Microlearning

Functions: Small Learning Modules, Blended Learning, Engagement, Just-in-Time Learning


  • bite-sized learning

  • short and sweet - good for on-time learning or reminders of prior learning

  • learner's choice when to engage in content

  • interactive


  • can't be used for large complex learning

  • learner can just click through (no accountability)

  • is timely so if the learner delays it may not be relevant

Format: Infographic

Functions: Process Steps, Workflow, Timeline, High Overview, Visual Representation of Text-Heavy Content, Preview or Follow-up to ILT or ViLT


  • easy to digest/understand

  • learner's choice when to engage in content

  • good for a follow up to a longer more in-depth learning process


  • no learner engagement (just visual)

  • minimal information can be added

  • sometimes they become too complex and overwhelming

Format: Social Media Post

Functions: Grab Learner's Attention (Engagement), Preview a Learning Module, Information Sharing


  • easy way to get buy-in for learning

  • quick preview to send out to employees to garner attention & wider audience


  • limited information

  • not deep learning more of an engagement/reinforcement tool

Functions: Scenario-based Learning, Leveled-Learners, Blended Learning, eCourse, Self-Paced Learning


  • interactive

  • fun

  • engaging

  • rewarding

  • built-in competition


  • not viable for all content

  • has to be housed on an LMS or platform

  • time-consuming to create

Functions: Content Heavy Processes, Leveled Learners, Blended Learning, eCourse, Self-Paced Learning


  • collects and tracks data

  • several features in the software

  • scalable

  • interactive


  • takes a long time to build

  • usually has several iterations

  • not good for short/small content

  • housed on an LMS

Functions: Leverage Organizational Knowledge, Personalization,


  • can listen anywhere

  • reinforces learning


  • no interaction

  • no personalization (single perspective)

Functions: Preview Learning, Reinforce Learning, Reminders of Knowledge, Engagement (Commercial Feel)


  • visually helps learners associate content


  • can feel childish if not done correctly