Project: Create a web-based on-demand video of my professional profile.

Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Purpose: Develop a sample of my storyboarding skills


Project: Turn text-heavy information (article) into an interactive eLearning course. Storyboard the course to receive feedback before implementation.

Time: 2 hours

Purpose: Develop a course on Articulate Rise that engages learners in interactive content and changes the behaviors of having ineffective meetings.


Project: Script a tutorial for new Instructional Designers, to help learners understand which authoring tools to use and what modality to deliver content with.

Time: 30 Minutes

Purpose: Quickly help Instructional Designers think about the program they are choosing to use, and give ID's a short resource with information about which tool to use effectively.


Crafty Creations: Project Proposal

Project: Crafty Creation by Nikki needed a freelance Instructional Designer.

Project: Draft proposal after the kickoff meeting and needs assessment, to send to the client before engaging in creating assets.